Library Card

Library Card Policy 


The Board of Trustees has established this policy to ensure that full and equal access is available to resources that enhance and contribute to individual knowledge, enlightenment, and enjoyment for all.

Borrowing Privileges:

Any person residing or owning property in Mount Pleasant or rural Henry County may obtain a 3-year card by providing current identification. Children in 6th grade and below must have a parent or guardian present before a card will be issued.

Residents of the contracting cities of Olds, Rome, Wayland and Westwood may obtain a 3-year card by providing identification as long as the yearly contract fee has been paid by these cities. 

Residents of Henry County towns that have signed the Open Access Agreement may obtain a 3-year card by providing identification.

Iowa residents from towns outside of Henry County whose library has signed the Open Access Agreement may obtain a 1-year card by providing identification.

Iowa Wesleyan students may obtain a 1-year card by providing a current Iowa Wesleyan ID.

The library does not allow purchase of library cards. 

Library privileges are forfeited when patrons have fees of $3.00 or more and/or materials overdue for two months or longer.

Persons must be five years of age to obtain a library card.


Borrowing Obligations:

Persons borrowing from the Mount Pleasant Public Library must agree to:

1. Be responsible for all items borrowed on his/her card

2. Be responsible for any charges that may result from late return, loss or damage to the items borrowed

3. Inform the library as soon as possible about lost or stolen cards

4. Inform the library as soon as possible about change of address

5. Comply with all library regulations


Borrowing Regulations:

1. Patrons must have their card or picture ID in order to checkout.

2. Patrons must pay all fees of $3.00 or more and have no overdue materials before a card will be renewed or replaced.

3. A fee of $2.00 will be charged to replace lost or missing cards

4. Patron must have some form of ID before a library card is issued. The ID can be a driver’s license, social security card, state ID, student ID etc.

Library Confidentiality

Parents should be aware that, as provided in Section 22.7(13) of the Code of Iowa, they cannot have access to records of what their child checks out. This code states that libraries may not reveal to another party any titles checked out by any individual. This includes material checked out by children. All borrowers, including children, may request this information from their own borrowing records. Parents of young children may wish to check out materials for their child on the parent’s card to facilitate access to this information or have their child present when the parent requests the information. Without the child present, only the number of items checked out, the date due or the amount of fees may be released. Title information may only be given to the person who actually borrowed the items

The library maintains a collection of materials for all ages.  Anyone, regardless of age, may select from any part of the library’s collection.

It is the responsibility of the parents to monitor their children’s use of library materials.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
June 8, 2021